Mark your calendar for July 2020 to be part of the 38th International Choral Festival of Preveza. The festival will be held from 6 to 12 of July 2020 in Preveza.
The International Choral Festival of Preveza counts 37 interesting and exciting years of high quality choral music, challenged by excellent choirs which are continuously raising its standards and a great variety of intercultural experiences with participants from all over the world.
The Festival includes numerous concerts given at idyllic locations of the area like the seaside fortress of Preveza and the historic Ancient Auditorium of Nikopolis “Odeon”.
The other part of the Festival is the prestigious competition for which through the years we have been honored to have internationally been acclaimed experts of the field overseas.
Last, but not least a seminar for choral conductors is organized annually with the participation of conductors all around the world.
For visiting choirs, Preveza provides an opportunity not only to perform; but also to experience some of the world’s best choral music, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the mingling, singing and fun, and explore the picturesque city of Preveza and its surrounds.
The festival will be managed by the Choral Society «Armonia» of Preveza, under the patronage of the city of Preveza. Choirs are eligible to join the festival either as non-competitive choirs participating in all the performances of the festival, or as competitive choirs. Conductors of all type choirs are welcomed to the seminar.
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Festival part: 15th of May 2020
Competition: 1st of May 2020
Seminar for conductors: 1st of June 2020
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Next editions:
39th International Choral Festival of Preveza, 5 -11 July 2021
40th International Choral Festival of Preveza, 4 -10 July 2022